It is impossible not to be committed when you know you are doing work that makes a significant impact on the state of Wisconsin. It is a motivating factor each and every day.

— Amber Schmechel


We help people, and the job we do on a daily basis helps to better the lives of countless numbers of people. I work for an organization that is selfless in their commitment to bettering the lives of others. In my own little way, by working for Cooperative Extension, I can help make a difference.  — Tony Roman

I stay with UWEX because I am committed to the mission of the organization. It also provides me with a great deal of flexibility and professional growth opportunities so that I can continue to learn and grow in my work. I am never bored and always feel like I am doing good work for the people of Wisconsin. — Catherine Neiswender

I am inspired by the mission and work of the organization and the overall commitment to public service exemplified throughout the institution. — Patrick Robinson

I love how much of a presence UW Extension is in the community. I always wanted to be a teacher of some sort, but wasn’t sure that a classroom setting was where I always wanted to be. With Cooperative Extension, I get to know people in the community, teaching and helping them, and I get to do so in a variety of settings. — Brianna Miller

What I love most about this position is that everyone is treated like the professionals they are. The work environment is great. — Casey Breunig