Paths to Success

The University of Wisconsin-Extension is committed to providing paths to success for all employees.  All paths begin with employees learning the basic requirements and expectations associated with their Extension positions.  The path to success continues for employees when they choose workplace behaviors that are beneficial to both them and to the organization as well.  Incorporating the following into the workplace culture every day is one measure of “organizational citizenship” within the University of Wisconsin-Extension.


PURPOSE: We teach, learn, lead and serve, connecting people with the University of Wisconsin, and engaging with them in transforming lives and communities.

VISION: To be a thriving, well-known and sought-out educational resource that reflects the rich diversity of the state.

VALUES:   Community;  Discovery;  Inclusiveness; Relationships;  Respect


ALIGNMENT:  position work is aligned with the purpose, vision, and values of the University of Wisconsin-Extension in ways that contribute to supportive workplaces.

SCHOLARLY ENVIRONMENT:  contributions to the scholarly environment of the University of Wisconsin-Extension are made, as appropriate for the position.

STANDARDS OF EXCELLENCE:  are expected to be met throughout one’s Extension career.

SHARED GOVERNANCE:  active participation in shared governance and policy development of the institution, personally or through representatives, is encouraged and supported to ensure relevant and effective representation.


LEADERSHIP:  Inspires respect and trust; Practices strategic, shared and ethical decision making; Clarifies expectations and accepts feedback; Shows personal responsibility and follow through on commitments; Adapts well to change or unexpected events in the work environment; Finds solutions; Is motivated to learn.

RELATIONSHIP-BUILDING:   Works in ways that support mutually beneficial partnerships, including being tactfully and diplomatically responsive to others and maintaining confidentiality; Understands group and team dynamics; Gives appropriate recognition to others; Chooses appropriate Extension roles in conflict situations; Manages interactions successfully through an awareness of emotions for oneself and others.

INCLUSION:  Recognizes, understands and appreciates the culturally different ways in which others express themselves; Treats others with dignity, respect and consideration; Demonstrates active, intentional and ongoing engagement with diversity in programming, and in outreach efforts.

COMMUNICATION:  Listens and seeks clarification; Adapts and varies communication to fit cultural contexts and circumstances; Demonstrates effective communication technology skills and presentation skills; Writes clearly and informatively; Utilizes marketing skills to strengthen understanding of the value of Extension.